The world’s first High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line began operations in 1941 and HVDC now delivers over 100,000 MW of energy around the globe.

Poseidon will consist of two underground or underwater cables that are less than 4.7 inches in diameter. The entirety of Poseidon’s route will be underground or underwater, maximizing reliability while minimizing environmental impact.

On either end of the cable, a converter station will connect Poseidon to the electric grid. Poseidon’s converter stations in South Brunswick and Melville will utilize approximately 3.5 acres, substantially smaller than conventional generation sites.

Poseidon is equipped with Black Start capabilities, which allow the cable to be re-energized rapidly, which in turn can provide power to critical infrastructure within milliseconds after a black out. Because Poseidon delivers energy to the heart of Long Island’s transmission and distribution network, the project’s Black Start capability offers unrivaled reliability.

Poseidon will also be outfitted with Voltage Support and Regulation Service capabilities that will enhance the overall reliability and efficiency of Long Island’s electric grid, especially during summer peak demand.

These beneficial Long Island services will be offered with no adverse impacts to New Jersey’s electric grid. A long term and dependable infrastructure asset, Poseidon is expected to achieve 98.5% availability over a useful life of 50-75 years.

Project Overview

The 78-mile Poseidon line begins in South Brunswick, New Jersey and connects to Long Island at the Ruland Road substation in Melville. This high-voltage direct current line will be buried underground or underwater over its entire route – leaving no impact on the surrounding environment. The project will help deliver affordable renewable energy to the heart of Long Island’s transmission and distribution network.






Notice of Open Solicitation

Poseidon Transmission 1, LLC (the “Company”), seeks generation suppliers wishing to offer energy, renewable energy credits, and/or capacity to the New York Power Authority (“NYPA”) via the Poseidon Transmission Project, a 79 mile high voltage, direct current transmission link between PJM and Zone K in the NYISO. Read More…





Environmental Benefits

The greatest single challenge in the development of renewable energy remains its cost. Poseidon provides Long Island with renewable energy at an affordable price. The project produces zero air or water emissions in New Jersey and Long Island, helping to safeguard local air quality and aquifers.