Power line proposal would bring cheaper electricity to LI from NJ, project developer says

(via FIOS1 News Long Island, 05.05.15)

Dozens of residents attended a public hearing to discuss the plan…

Residents weigh in on Poseidon, second undersea power cable proposed for Long Island

(Article originally appears in Newsday, 05.06.15)

Developers of a second undersea power cable from New Jersey to Long Island made their case to about 100 people last night in Dix Hills, saying the project would bring substantial savings to ratepayers…(Read More)

Anbaric CEO: Poseidon Project at end of interconnection process with PJM, NYISO

Project’s in-service date scheduled for 2020

(article originally appears in TransmissionHub, 03.04.15)

The proposed 500 MW high-voltage direct current (HVDC) Poseidon Project is at the end of the interconnection process with PJM Interconnection and the New York ISO (NYISO), Edward Krapels, CEO and founder of Anbaric Transmission, told TransmissionHub on March 4.

In New York, that means that the project is in the class year of 2015. The project’s in-service date is scheduled for 2020.

Anbaric subsidiary Poseidon Transmission 1 on March 2 said that the Poseidon Project has achieved two significant technical milestones as part of its interconnection process, including approval by the NYISO Operating Committee of the project’s system reliability impact study (SRIS).

That approval confirms that the project successfully complies with the reliability standards of the state’s electric system, and it means that Poseidon has completed the Public Service Law Article VII application requirements. The state Public Service Commission will now begin its review of the project and the formal portion of the Article VII proceeding.

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Poseidon Transmission files to build underground/submarine power cable

October 1, 2013

Marking an important milestone toward strengthening Long Island’s electric grid, Poseidon Transmission LLC, a subsidiary of Anbaric Transmission LLC, announced today that it is has filed an application with the New York State Public Service Commission (NYSPSC) for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need (the “Article VII certificate”) to build the Poseidon Project, an underground/submarine HVDC electric transmission line that will import up to 500 MW of low-cost electric power from the PJM Interconnection into Long Island.

By linking Long Island to PJM, the world’s largest wholesale energy market, the Poseidon Project will enable hundreds of thousands of Long Island residents and businesses to access lower energy prices, while enhancing reliability and storm preparedness. The Poseidon cable will be completely buried along existing rights of way or underwater, and will generate zero air emissions and water discharges.

“The Poseidon Project’s major impacts on downstate New York – strengthened reliability, energy cost savings, job creation, and substantial environmental benefits – are proven,” said Clarke Bruno, SVP of Poseidon Transmission. “Governor Cuomo has said, ‘Getting the cost of power down is essential for the economic competitiveness of Long Island.’ Poseidon does just that by anchoring Long Island’s ratepayers to PJM’s diverse power portfolio.”

“Poseidon looks forward to working with the Public Service Commission and other regulatory agencies to complete the permitting process for this valuable project.”

Poseidon Transmission LLC is a subsidiary of Anbaric Transmission, a developer of independent transmission projects across the United States. Anbaric is committed to developing cost-effective projects that secure reliability and resilience, improve energy affordability and promote access to renewable resources.

Anbaric has helped develop two similar transmission projects in New York over the past six years – the 660MW Neptune Regional Transmission System (RTS), which has saved Long Island Power Authority customers tens of millions of dollars annually since becoming operational in 2007, and the 660MW Hudson Line, operational in June 2013, which links the PJM grid with the Con Ed Substation at West 49th Street in Manhattan.

Project Overview

The 78-mile Poseidon line begins in South Brunswick, New Jersey and connects to Long Island at the Ruland Road substation in Melville. This high-voltage direct current line will be buried underground or underwater over its entire route – leaving no impact on the surrounding environment. The project will help deliver affordable renewable energy to the heart of Long Island’s transmission and distribution network.






Notice of Open Solicitation

Poseidon Transmission 1, LLC (the “Company”), seeks generation suppliers wishing to offer energy, renewable energy credits, and/or capacity to the New York Power Authority (“NYPA”) via the Poseidon Transmission Project, a 79 mile high voltage, direct current transmission link between PJM and Zone K in the NYISO. Read More…





Environmental Benefits

The greatest single challenge in the development of renewable energy remains its cost. Poseidon provides Long Island with renewable energy at an affordable price. The project produces zero air or water emissions in New Jersey and Long Island, helping to safeguard local air quality and aquifers.